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logtrec.®-ST USB Datalogger


The new logtrec.®-ST USB temperature data logger is characterized by maximum reliability for GDP-compliant cold chain monitoring. The “one-button operation” makes it absolutely easy to use. Reports are generated automatically. At the end of the delivery you will receive a complete report as PDF and CSV. The validation certificate is stored digitally on the temperature data logger.

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Temperature Datalogger

Monitoring your Cold Chain. For temperature sensitive goods like pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food and beverage or other temperature sensitive products to comply with the GDP regulations

Mechanical Safety Products

Container Seals, Cable Seals and more. To protect your goods against product piracy and prevent them from manipulation.

Warehouse Monitoring

Monitor your Warehouse to take action as soon as an exeedance of thresholds occurs

Online Monitoring

Monitor and track your goods live from any computer or mobile device


Consulting and Service

We are specialized in supplying solutions to monitor the condition and secure sensitive or valuable goods. Our sales team will help you finding the best solution for your demand. Service and customers satisfaction is firmly established in our companies philosophy.

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Pharmaceutical, Vaccine, Samples

Whether you are shipping cooled vaccines, store pharmaceuticals at room temperature or chilled raw materials. We offer a suitable solution to monitor the temperature from the beginning of your supply chain to the last mile. To assure the efficiency of your goods


Fruits, Vegetable, Meat, Fish, Beverage

Most food spoils faster if they are stored and shipped under bad conditions. To ensure the expiry based on traceable data from your supply chain, contact our product experts

Sensitive Devices

Laboratory Devices, Art, Assemblies

Wherever temperature matters in storing or transporting sensitive and valuable goods, we are able to monitor it. Make sure, that your art, paintings or even sensitive furniture or devices keep their value

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Professional solutions to protect and monitor sensitive goods. Monitor the condition based on temperature and humidity. We offer free consulting and quotations from our sales team and product experts - that's obvious

Quality and Reliability

German Engineering

Quality and reliability are essential attributes in monitoring sensitive goods. Our hardware is manufactured with high quality standards. They have to pass carefully test procedures before we approve them to be used. Continuous development of our products to maximize the reliability also at worst conditions is an important part of our daily work


German Warehouse

We ship all our goods directly from our warehouse in Germany. With strong partners in logistics you never run out of stock. Besides our fast order processing we are able to ship your goods by express world wide. Fast delivery - because time is money!