Temperature Monitoring is a big part of the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Guidelines. To fullfil these, we offer suitable solutions. Efficient, cost effective and easy to use.

Short and medium transport time

Frozen, chilled or room temperature

Cost effective, Single or Multi Use


Spoiled goods in a shopping bag are not just annoying for consumers. The image of retail stores and manufacturers could suffer as well. Control your cold chain and prevent image problems.

Short and medium transport time

Frozen or chilled

Cost effective, Single or Multi Use


Precision is important in chemistry and bio technology. Wheter you are handling sensitive raw materials or samples from clinical trials, the condition has to be perfect from beginning to end. By storing or shipping these sensitive products it is all about precision and safety.

Short transport time or permanent storage monitoring

Frozen or chilled

Precise sensor

High Tech

There are damages of sensitive machines and assemblies during the transport every day. If they fall to the ground, being damaged by accidential pushs or having corrosion and fatigue due to temperature variations or UV irradiation. To trace and document these problems get in touch with our sales team.

Medium and high transport time

Ambient temperature

Single or Multi Use with temperature / humidity sensor. Optional in real time


Maximize the security for your products. Wheter with container seals, cable seals, plastic seals or security labels. We secure your goods from theft, product piracy or manipulation. Our product fulfill the strictest security standards to gain profit, not losses.

Short to high transport time

All temperature ranges

Mechanic safety solutions like seals, cable seals, security labels and safety packaging

Art / Luxury Goods

Old arts are often fragile at high temperature or humidity changes. Also valuable furniture made of exclusive materials, luxury watches or food and beverage like a good wine should be stored and shipped under perfect conditions. To vizualize the perfect storage and shipping conditions we offer precise solutions with a long lifespan.

Long runtime

Light chilled or room temperature

Single or Multi Use with temperature / humidity sensor. Optional in real time