Container Seal HS Basic

Maximized security for your goods

The inotronix container seals are designed for a maximized security of your products. Once the container seal is locked, it can only be opened with heavy tools. This prevents theft of your goods or product piracy.

With the individual and unique serial number you can make sure at the destination that your shipment was not opened during the transport. The serial numbers are laser printed. It is impossible to manipulate the seal without damaging it.

The seals are made of a massive steel core coated with a thick plastic layer. For more safety it has an anti-spinning function. The seal is protected against spinning it of or overheating.

This seal is basically used for see container, swap body, railway wagon, safety transport containers or safety gates.


ISO17712:2013 certified - only the best for valuable goods

Serial Number

Serial numbers are laser printed directly into the material

Anti Spinning

The anti-spinning feature prevents the seal from spinning off or overheating


A steel core coated with massive plastic for high stability


Total length locked 92mm - seal head diameter 23mm - bolt strength 10.5mm


Packaging unit from 50 pcs. Individual color, logo or serial numbers from 2000 pcs.


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