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Become a retail partner for our exclusive products in supply chain security as well as our mechanical safety products. Wheter as a wholesale partner, direct sales company or B2B online shop. We are absolutely convinced that we accomplish more together! Get in touch with us.

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As a partner you benefit from our long experience in the field of supply chain security solutions and cold chain monitoring. We offer free product trainings, use cases and interesting market information. Also you will get all neccessary data and documents for a quick start in the future.

We also support career jumper and newcomer in this sector. The demand for Supply chain monitoring and supply chain security products increases every day. Not just for the pharmaceutical and the food industry - cold chain monitoring and supply chain security products become more and more important. We want to write supply chain history with you!

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reliability and customers satisfaction

We want to offer the most reliable solution for our customers application. Solutions to make our customers daily work easy. Our target is customers success and best reliabilty!

We design and sell just products we are convinced a 100%. Products we would use by ourself to maximize the safety and stability of our own goods!