How can this be prevented?

20% damage rate normal?

Around 20% of all pharmaceutical shipments are damaged in transit!

In addition to enormous financial damage, the reputation and trust of the recipient suffer massively. A lot can go wrong during transport.

It is all the more important to implement a clean strategy for monitoring, controlling and improving the supply chain. At inotronix, we pay special attention to monitoring and securing the cold chain. So far, many quality managers have been annoyed with unnecessarily complex systems for temperature monitoring. Data loggers are not sent back by the recipients for evaluation, additional software is required, and regular calibration of the data logger has become a necessary problem.

In the end, you tend to rely on the statements of third parties who promise to adhere to the transport conditions. But with sensitive products, a brief moment of inattention is enough to render a drug ineffective. But in the end it is your image that suffers!

The Solution


With the logtrec.®-ST, inotronix offers an uncomplicated and inexpensive solution for monitoring the cold chain. This single-use data logger works without external software and does not require any training or specialist knowledge to operate. The factory pre-configured data logger is started and stopped by the simple one-button operation. The reports are generated automatically when connected to a computer. The data logger is displayed as a USB drive; you can easily copy the entire report as a PDF or CSV. In addition, the device-specific validation certificate is stored on each data logger. So that you can concentrate on the essentials and not have to do more work than necessary to collect and analyze the data. In addition to all data points, each report includes a summary and evaluation of the data, so that you have all the important parameters available at a glance.


We go the extra mile

But that's not all, our team of consultants will be at your side with advice and action even after the purchase. For example, when it comes to deriving recommendations for action. Through our network, we have access to a large number of industry experts and can optimize your supply chain together - this is our service for you!

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