mission and vision

digitizing the supply chain

Our vision is a totally digitized supply chain - from the production of raw materials up to the consumer. Because our vision is to contribute our knowledge, that every consumer receives safe and original products. There is nothing worse than giving an urgently needed vaccine or medication which lost it's efficiency due to bad storage or transport conditions.


And Founder

inotronix GmbH was founded to give companies a quick and easy access to safety and monitoring products for their supply chain. To offer temperature datalogger, warehouse monitoring systems and mechanical protection products like container seals for their goods in time. Our team is higly experienced in this field to make sure that the process from a request to the delivery is fast and easy.

We are living customers focus! An open minded, fast and solution-focussed communication is our every days aspiration.

Creating new jobs

Sustainable and safe

inotronix GmbH is based in middle of the swabian forest. A beautiful area with lots of nature around - and the area with the highest density of global market leaders in Germany.

We are connected to this region and it is our goal to create modern and safe jobs to give the future generation a perspective in this region.


Tobias Braun

"As managing director of inotronix GmbH, I am available for all matters in the company. So that short decision-making is not just empty phrases, but can be lived. My vision is to ensure that everyone has access to safe food and medicines by reliable cold chain monitoring and securing the supply chain. In addition, it is important to me to offer the people in the region a perspective through modern and secure jobs."

CCO - Chief Customer Officer

Jonas Jeromin

"As Chief Customer Officer at inotronix, I personally take care of the concerns of our customers and partners as well as a sustainable, cross-departmental assurance of customer orientation throughout the whole company. Open, quick and solution-oriented. My vision is to give everyone access to safe products in order to prevent personal as well as economical damage. In addition, I would like to use the cross-industry experience from my daily business to further spread useful technologies so that this vision will one day become a reality."